What list of Vietnamese cuisine would be complete without Pho?

"Pho" (pronounced like "fuh"), is a delightful soup that is aromatic, flavorful but light all at the same time. Pho is a clever way to provide daily nourishment.  Prepared with alll natural ingredients. Pho is served delicious rice noodles and long-simmered broth topped with green/white onions and cilantro.  Fresh basil, bean sprouts, lime, and jalapenos are served as condiments.

Pho can also be seen as a mirror that reflects Vietnamese heritage and way of life. A dish that is steeped in tradition, pho is closely tied to Vietnam that the history of pho can read as a parallel to the history of its country of origin itself in the last hundred years. With the migration of Vietnamese across the globe after the Fall of Saigon in 1975, the national dish of Vietnam came to grace the tables of people of different heritages, thus leading to the colorful evolution of pho throughout the years.

We picked Pho as our specialty to maintain the heritage as well as to spread it over to those who has not known Pho will be in love with it. After all, it’s good “pho” you!