PHO Small 9.95  |   Large 10.95
"Pho" (pronounced like "fuh"), is a delightful soup that is aromatic, flavorful but light all at the same time.  Pho is a clever way to provide daily nourishment.  Prepared with alll natural ingredients.  Pho is served delicious rice noodles and long-simmered broth topped with green/white onions, cilantro.  Fresh basil, bean sprouts, lime, and jalapenos are served as condiments.


Beef broth choices
A. I Love Pho (eye round, brisket . meatballs . tripe . tendon) add 0.50
B. Eye-round beef (rare)
C. Beef brisket (well done)
D. Eye round beef (rare) and brisket (well done)
E. Meatballs
F. Eye round beef and Meatballs
G. Beef brisket (well done) and meatballs


Chicken broth choices
H. Chicken
I. Fried tofu
J. Seafood (shrimp . squid)  add 3.00
K. Vegetables broccoli . celery . carrots . snow peas


Vegetarian Broth
Vegetables broccoli . celery . carrots . snow peas
Fried Tofu
Immitation beef
Immitation meatballs


Add on
Vegetables broccoli . celery . carrots . snow peas  2.50
Meat meatballs  rare beef . beef brisket . tripe tendon or chicken 3.00
Extra soup 2.00
Noodles 2.00
Tofu 2.00
Seafood shrimp & squid 3.00
Kids pho with your choice of meat chicken, meatballs or beef brisket  6.00